Have a slice of Paradise

Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad is a pizza place that embodies the magic of Carlsbad. Owner and operator Mychal Dourson not only grew up in Carlsbad but his passion for pizza was also born here.

Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad opened its doors just about two months ago, and is quickly becoming a local favorite. Located in the Village on the north end of State Street (enter via the parking lot on Roosevelt), Paradise Pizza has both dine-in and delivery options. Paradise makes pizza that is not only delicious, it is made with natural, premium ingredients, and features unique vegan and gluten-free options and a variety of fresh, delicious toppings.

Dourson has worked for many pizza companies in his 20-year tenure in the industry, but returned to his Carlsbad roots to start his dream of Paradise Pizza. As a lifelong vegetarian, Dourson is influenced by the vibrant flavors inherent in fresh, high-quality ingredients. His insistence on using the best ingredients is one of the reasons why Paradise pizza fits so well into the vibrant coastal Carlsbad lifestyle.

From the dough up, Dourson builds his pizzas with an eye toward natural and unadulterated ingredients. He uses only pure water, olive oil, unbleached flour, yeast, and salt in his dough. Sauce is made daily in the store from tomatoes that are naturally sweet, with no sugar added to cover poor quality. Dourson uses a blend of the best whole-milk mozzarella and provolone as the pizza cheese. “The best is always the most natural and freshest anyway,” Dourson said of his penchant for quality.

The menu reflects a wide variety of fresh ingredients incorporated into specialty pizzas to fit any palette. From the most ravenous carnivore to the pickiest of eaters, Paradise has what pizza lovers crave.

Paradise Pizza also features a ‘pizza my way’ option, which allows diners to build a pizza exactly they way they like it. The staff will make a record of the order, and on subsequent visits, diners can fine-tune their personal specialty pizza. “If you like lots of extra cheese, light onions, heavy mushrooms or three times the normal amount of sausage, we’ll take the time to help you create your most favorite pizza ever,” Dourson said.

So if you are hungry or just looking for a smile or a good conversation, head to Paradise and say hello to Dourson and his crew. “I love being in my restaurant,” he said. “I love cooking for my customers; they are my neighbors, my family, my friends.”

Paradise Pizza is located at 2564 State St. Carlsbad CA 92008. Enter from the north end of Roosevelt Street and Laguna Dr.

From: The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce


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